Looking for Gay Friendly Businesses in the Orlando Area?

Think Orlando Florida, and most people immediately think of Disney World. Is Orlando gay-friendly, though? The tragic shooting spree at Pulse in 2016 has proven that Orlando stands behind its gay community – people of all orientations came through in the aftermath showing that, at heart, the community believes in equal rights for all.
Pulse is closed now but the gay scene is as vibrant as ever so don’t cross Orlando off your “To Do List.”
The climate is humid and subtropical with hot summers and mild winters. You are looking at a temperature of between the mid-seventies and mid-nineties in Fahrenheit.
Local LGBT activities
One of the most popular local traditions is Gay Days Orlando. This is held annually in June and features visits en-masse to the local theme parks. All attendees wear a red t-shirt. The visit to Disney World is considered the most popular event with around 50 000 people attending.
Other parks are also visited, along the same principles, on different days.
Southern Nights Orlando hosts an annual Turnabout to raise funds for charity and show that it is gay-friendly. The staff dress in drag and perform for the patrons.
LGBT Community & Support
The Center is the place to start getting to know the community and is open seven days a week. Come in and enjoy the free Wi-Fi, comfy seating and big-screen TVs. Meet with friends for a social visit or rent the facilities for an important business presentation.
With a coffee shop just a few steps away, you have everything you need to have a productive weekend.
Eating out
Who could resist a place called Pom Pom’s Teahouse and Sanwicheria? The ambience is warm and inviting, the food is great and reasonably priced. You can choose from a HUGE list of house-blend teas and gourmet sandwiches.
The art on the walls lends to the fresh vibe of the place and the festive season specials are to die for.
Funky Monkey Wine Company
Are you looking for a more sophisticated option? The Funky Monkey is owned by some of the Tasters Guild directors and so is perfect for the foodie. The menu is updated quite often.
Hamburger Mary’s
This is part of the chain and helps to bring a little bit of fun to the downtown area. In the evening you can enjoy drag shows or Bingo, along with delicious hamburgers, of course.
Bus services in Orlando are great, they run on time and some are free. You can also travel by rail, by taxi or by car.
The Parliament House is gigantic – it has a hotel complex, club and gay bar and boast being the “gayest place on earth.” In addition to the hotel, you can enjoy billiards, the pool lounge, the live theatre or the lakeside beach. What’s not to love?
This is a more relaxed gay bar, aimed at giving you somewhere to sit back and socialize, without the pressure to be constantly fabulous. (Hey, we know you always are, but sometimes it’s nice just to be able to sit back and relax for a while.

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